CD manufacturing

CD/DVD/BD printing, CD DVD duplication, disc packaging production

Printmasta is a dependable provider of premium services, like Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplication, replication and disk/packaging printing. Our factory is equipped with technologically advanced machines able to perform full-colour printing in the following techniques ? litho offset, silkscreen and digital UV printing). Our offer of CD manufacturing is directed at big companies, wanting to request large orders, as well as small businesses and private clients ? we produce even low volumes of discs and cases.

We want to deliver highly personalised solutions to our customers, which is why we take care of CD packaging, including digipak printing and producing the inlays, booklets and inserts for regular CD and DVD cases. Our offer includes also many other solutions for disc packaging, like printed cardboard wallets and sleeves, digifile, digisleeve, USB and vinyl cases, as well as many others. Moreover, we also print the chosen artworks on the discs themselves ? our customers can count on us when it comes to the standard ones, as well as mini and business card CDs.

Depending on the quantity of order we offer either CD duplication (smaller volumes) or CD replication (commissions over 500 copies).

Our company is known for always adhering to deadlines, so you do not have to worry about your order not being ready on time. Furthermore, we always make sure our prices are competitive, so our customers could enjoy being able to save money while working with us. In this line of business quality is the key, which is why you can count on our exceptional service both when it comes to CD packaging solutions and CD replication/duplication.

Cassette tape production and duplication

One of our specialities is also high-quality cassette tape production. This format still has its great fans and it is still effective for recording audio. Moreover, some older genres may even prefer it to CDs, as it is more familiar to their fans. Apart from that, underground and DIY communities making, for example, experimental music, release their content on cassettes regularly. This product can have promotional values nowadays as well, especially if you want to reach clients who are the 70s/80s/90s enthusiasts and love to have old school gadgets. Thanks to our cassette tape duplication, you can have many copies and distribute them freely. It will certainly make you original and distinguish you from other companies.

We can take care of cassette tape production, duplication, recording and onbody printing. Short runs with printed j-cards, plastic boxes and stickers are available as well.

Our factory is located in Poland, but we had the pleasure of working with clients from all over Europe ? Netherlands, Finland, Germany or the United Kingdom. We ship our products quickly and efficiently via proven couriers to any European country.

BRAND NEW OFFER! Choose our new CD packaging options and enjoy beautiful, custom made cases! Our digipak printing will let you personalise each product! Do not forget we also do small quantity orders of cardboard wallets for vinyls! Contact us for details!