Cassette tape duplication

Cassette tape production

Our wide range of professional services include also cassette tape production. For some people it may sound surprising, but we believe this format can be still very effective for recording music or other audio content. What is more, it constitutes a great retro gadget for people who like the old school style. It could be an excellent idea for an entrepreneur to make cassette tapes their promotional items. As a result, they can reach niche market and by bringing memories of youth, create a special bond with consumers and encourage them to benefit from the company's offer.

Cassette tape duplication

Thanks to our cassette tape duplication, you can order a bigger amount of products at a beneficial price. The standard length is 60 minutes, but we can modify this parameter in order to adapt it to your individual needs. Our products are fully custom, so you can choose the colour of a tape shell and its transparency, as well as have a chosen image printed on it for marketing purposes. Your order will be carefully packed, shrinkwrapped and shipped to any country in the European Union as soon as possible.

Cassettes production history

Cassette tape production has its origins in the 60s. In 1962, it was invented by Phillips and presented in Germany the following year. This product was the successor to the huge reel-to-reel tapes. As time went by, the quality of recordings was improved and in the early 70s cassettes became extremely popular, gradually displacing 12-inch vinyl LPs. They were appreciated for their convenience, effectiveness and portability, what was increased even more when Sony released its Walkman, allowing people to listen to the music wherever they are. In the early 1990s, CDs began to dominate over cassette tapes, however, they have never been stopped being produced and they still are loved by many music fans.

Our cassettes colours



  1. How can I provide the audio for my cassette tape production?

    The best way for you to send us the audio or any other data we require is by uploading it to a cloud storage of your choice and sending us a link. When it comes to e-mails, please do not attach files larger than 10 Mb to messages forwarded to our company.

  2. What is cassette tape duplication?

    Cassette tape duplication is a service directed mostly at musicians and other independent artists who appreciate and continue using this old-school format. It allows them to create a chosen number of products, which can then be distributed to people everywhere.

  3. How long shipping would take?

    After completing cassette tape production we entrust your order to professional courier companies - DHL and UPS. The standard service typically takes two-three workdays, but in case of some European countries the time can be extended even to five days. The express delivery is also available.

  4. How do I place an order with you?

    You can place your order simply by sending a detailed e-mail to our company. It has to include the information on the quantity, colours and other additional details needed for cassette tape production. Moreover, it has to contain the invoice data and your chosen delivery address.

  5. How long will my cassettes be per side?

    The most typical type of cassettes include thirty to forty five minutes of audio per side. Besides the characteristic formats known as C60 and C90, there are also products allowing 120 minutes of music.