CD duplication

Printmasta?s reliable CD duplication

CD duplication is a process of burning content on small to medium quantities of pre-prepared blank CD-R discs. It is one of the services that we offer at Printmasta, for which we use the most modern devices. Regardless of how many copies you need or what quality of discs you are looking to duplicate ? we will adjust to your needs and offer a price that is hard to beat.

CD duplication that meets your needs

Often you can find yourself in situations where you will need a certain number of CDs to give away or sell ? it may be a concert, a big presentation or a music distribution endeavour. Whatever the circumstance and its scale is, we are happy to duplicate content on multiple CDs of your choice. Putting your trust in Printmasta, you are guaranteed to receive the quickest and most efficient order execution.

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If the data that you wish to duplicate is less than 10MB, it can be sent to us via e-mail. Otherwise, we are perfectly willing to download it from a file sharing website like WeTransfer or Dropbox. Another way is to upload files to our FTP server. Depending on the quantity, we are able to complete a CD duplication order in 3 to 5 days. For customers who need larger portions of discs manufactured, we offer CD replication ? time-effective and professional service of moulding products out of a glass master.

We accept orders from all European countries, therefore distance is not an issue. Thanks to many years of experience, we are considered to be a reliable partner in CD duplication by customers from several European countries.

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We are appreciated by numerous companies for our reliability, precision and punctuality. Many clients use our CD duplication, cassette tape production, digipak priting or other services regularly, what helps them to develop their businesses. We offer quick effects, strong brand management and marvellous customer service at attractive prices, hence we are sure you will not be disappointed with the cooperation with us. If you want to know more details concerning our offer or you already would like to place an order, do not hesitate and call or e-mail us today!


  1. What is the difference between CD duplication and replication?

    CD duplication consists of simply recording data on a chosen number of blank CDRs discs. Replication however is a more complicated process, which includes creating the glass master and the stamper and moulding the discs with all the information available already.

  2. Where can I upload my Audio CD for Duplication?

    You can upload your files to our FTP server or to your favourite cloud service. If you choose one of the many online storage options available, do not forget about sending us an e-mail with the link to your files. We will download them from there and use them for CD duplication.

  3. How do I place an order with you?

    The simplest way possible - by sending us an e-mail. Do not forget to include the exact specifications of your order or the number of discs you need. If you have not contacted us before, you should also choose a way of supplying us with the files for the project.

  4. How do I send my master for duplication?

    You have to pay close attention to what kind of audio format you are sending. When it comes to CD duplication we only accept CD AUDIO files. You can also send us NRG disc image or ISO one for DVD. We do not accept Aiffs, WAVs and other formats not suitable for copying.

  5. Is there a minimum order I have to place?

    There is no minimal amount of copies you have to order when it comes to CD duplication. Only when it comes to the process of replication we require you to buy at least 500 discs. Before ordering, get acquainted with our list of admissible shortages.