CD packaging

Professional CD packaging printing with Printmasta

Printmasta is a company responsible for the creation of CD packaging ? boxes and other containers serving the purpose of protecting a variety of optical discs. We have a long experience of preparing unforgettable projects for our clients, therefore we hope you enjoy our services. Our CD packaging will protect your discs from scratches and give you a way to equip them with a creative and eye-catching artwork. Send us an enquiry, so our team can get back to you with the full offer!

A wide choice of packaging types

First and foremost we want to make sure our customers are happy with the selection of items we prepared for them, so we always take care of their variety. We specialise in preparing cardboard CD packaging and the inlays for plastic boxes of many sizes, specifically digisleeve, digipak, digifile, cardboard wallets and sleeves or various cases for vinyls and USB drives. Our company produces them for the film, music and advertising industry ? depending on the individual needs, they can host one or two discs and be comprised of 4 and even 6 pages with a carefully prepared and selected artwork on them.

CD packaging printing has never been easier

The ordering process is made easy especially for our customers, because we want you to enjoy working with our team and continue the cooperation in the future. All you need to do is send the graphic project to us, following the instructions available in our FAQ page. After the initial aligning it with the chosen size option, we will send you the conceptual product. We will start printing your CD packaging only after you accept the project, to make sure it meets your expectations.

Our packaging types offer


Printed card wallet

This a very common and versatile CD packaging technique. It can be used for EPs, demos, singles, promotional discs or even complete albums. Usually a single wallet has a printing on both sides and the opening is placed either at the top or at the side of it. To add more images or text, there is a possibility to expand the project with, for example, a folded insert.



A digipak consists mainly of a card package, but it includes a plastic CD tray as well. Usually, it has four panels and a tray assembled to the inside right one. If necessary, such a CD packaging can be expanded with additional panels and a booklet in a sleeve. It is advised to use transparent tray in this case, as it makes it possible to present an image underneath.



Most often a digifile has four panels with a slot for the disc on the inside right one. In this case, half of the CD is visible after opening the packaging. At your request, we can enhance a digifile with an additional slit for a booklet or a second disc.



This variant looks a bit like a small double vinyl sleeve. The CD slots can be found on a sleeve which is most commonly placed on the outer edge of the right hand side. Such a packaging can be expanded with a booklet and also, may include as many as 4 CDs. It can have 4, 6 or even 8 panels, so it can be perfectly adapted to your needs.


Vinyl sleeves

We know there are still many people who love a retro style and collect vinyls. Therefore, our services include the production of sleeves for this format as well. We will adjust the project to your preferences perfectly, so that it would reflect your vision completely, helping you to achieve your business goals.


Printed sleeves

What is more, we can prepare your CD packagings in the form of printed sleeves, which will carry the image you choose and provide the disc with simple protection. If necessary, you can order such products in great amounts and we will prepare them for you as soon as possible, thanks to our advanced machinery.


Inlays and booklets for jewel cases

In order to attract client's attention, an interesting design should be prepared. Keeping that it mind, we create wonderful artworks for inlays and booklets that later can be found in jewel cases. They will be prepared in accordance with your guidelines, hence you can be sure that they will meet all of your requirements and expectations.


  1. How can I send over artwork for CD packaging?

    We give you a couple of options of sending the artwork for CD packaging. If it is smaller than 10 Mb you can simply attach it to an e-mail and send to us. For bigger files, please upload them to a chosen online storage service and link us the address. You can also use our FTP server.

  2. What size is a CD box?

    We offer CD packaging in a number of sizes and models for you to be able to find the solutions you need. This means their width and length may differ significantly, especially in boxes suited for larger number of discs or those with additional artworks.

  3. What types of CD packaging do you offer?

    Our collection of CD packaging is vast and includes the following options: printed card wallets, digipacks, digifiles, digisleeves, vinyl sleeves, printed sleeves, but also various inlays and booklets for traditional jewel cases that can be found in shops everywhere.

  4. How do I place an order?

    Just send us an e-mail! Please specify what kind of products and services you want to order and in what quantity. You cannot forget about invoice data or the shipping address. Obviously, you also have to attach the needed data - artworks, music or movies.

  5. How long shipping would take?

    We make sure to complete all the CD packaging orders in the shortest amount of time and expect the same from our shipping partners. The normal delivery takes a minimum of 2 and a maximum of five workdays, but we also offer express same day delivery for the most impatient clients.