CD replication and packaging services

Quick and efficient CD replication services

People who need larger quantities of products prepared according to their wishes and requirements can count on the help of our company. We offer professional and quick CD replication and packaging services on orders over 500 pieces. This method is known for being more time effective and allowing the creation of bigger amounts of products. Our company is equipped with the top-notch devices and technologies, which help in providing our customers with quality products every time.

CD replication over duplication

CD replication is known as a more adequate and cost effective method of transferring data into larger quantities of discs. Instead of burning the information into a pre-prepared CDs or DVDs, the company uses professional machines to create the discs with the data already existing on them. Depending on the used devices, the process of manufacturing 500 pieces can take even as little as an hour. We definitely suggest choosing CD replication service if you want to make a big order.

CD replication from a master disc

Every customer of ours can ship us the original material, either in its physical copy or digitally (as an ISO or DDP file). Our machines are going to create a glass master and stamps, which are going to be used to mould an entire series of discs. CD replication creates discs with the data already encrypted on them, without the need to burn anything else on them. Additionally, our customers can also choose an original artwork they want to have printed on their CDs/DVDs.

Why us?

We have gathered a lot of experience throughout many years of our work and we have wide knowledge concerning CD replication or duplication, digipak printing and other similar services. We can guide you through the whole process, so that you could fully understand how it goes. It begins with the initial mastering, then proceeds with preparing the artwork, disc printing and packing. If you like, we can even offer our help with the storage and distribution of the products we prepare for you. We always take care of every single detail, so that you could be fully satisfied with the service!


  1. What is the difference between CD replication and duplication?

    CD replication is a process which consists of creating a glass master and stamper of a chosen piece of data. The substance is later injection moulded into the discs. In case of duplication, we write the information supplied by the clients on recordable discs.

  2. What type of master do I need for audio CD replication?

    You have to deliver to us files which do not require any kind of conversion or mastering. If you consider CD replication of music, make sure you are sending us CD AUDIO files, NRG images or DDP files. For DVDs you can also supply us with an ISO file.

  3. How long shipping would take?

    We use the services of professional couriers - DHL and UPS to deliver our products to the clients. The standard option takes up to five days, with two-three workdays being the usual time. You can also choose express delivery, which makes sure you get your order the next day.

  4. How can I send data for CD replication and packaging services?

    You can send it to us via an e-mail if it does not exceed 10 Mb. In all the other cases we ask you to upload it to a cloud storage service of your own and simply link us to it. If you are interested in the option of using our FTP server, you can do that too.

  5. How do I place an order?

    If you want us to take care of CD replication for you, simply get in touch with us via an e-mail. Write exactly what you need, but do not forget to add the artwork and your data. You also have to include information needed for the invoice and the delivery.