Digipak printing, CD manufacturing

Full colour digipak printing

We offer digipak printing, which equips you with the highest quality of optical disks cases. Each project is carefully prepared in consultation with the customer to make sure the final product fulfils your expectations. Our custom digipak CD manufacturing uses a variety of printing techniques in full-colour, so you can be sure the chosen artwork is going to look stunning on its pages. Digipak printing performed by us is going to promote your audio and film projects with class and style.

High quality digipaks in low prices

Securing the CDs and DVDs with a digipak means they will be carefully protected from any exposure damage. The plastic case keeps the disc secured inside and prevents it from getting destroyed, while the paper pages serve as an eye-catching decoration. Our company offers digipak printing performed with professional machines to make sure the artwork is carefully reflected and our customers satisfied with the result. The products we create can have four or six pages and have the traditional or the DVD size.

Digipak printing process

All you need to do, if you want to employ our services of digipak printing, is send us en email with the information on the order. Specify which type of case piqued your interest, how many copies do you need and, most importantly, attach the artwork you want to feature on the packaging. After the initial phase of aligning it to the chosen type of case, we will send you a PDF file with the project awaiting your approval. After you give us the green light, we will start our digipak printing procedure.


  1. What are the artwork specifications for the digipak printing?

    We require you to send us a tiff file (8 bit, LZW compression) or a PDF in curves. All the colours have to come from the CMYK palette, while the resolution has to be 450 DPI. To know the exact size you have to cut the artwork for a particular CD/DVD packaging, consult the specifications page.

  2. What kind of digipak printing services do you offer?

    We manufacture a number of different products for our clients. Our digipak printing includes the standard model with a disc tray made of plastics, but also cardboard wallets and digiplus solutions with an additional fold for you to to store gadgets and artworks in.

  3. How do I place an order?

    You can place your digipak printing order via an e-mail. You need to include all the information concerning its specifications, size, a number of copies, invoice data and a shipping address. Please remember also about attaching the file or sending us a link leading to it.

  4. How can I send over artwork for digipak printing?

    We can only offer you our digipak printing if you sent us the graphics. You can do this by attaching them to an e-mail massage, as long as they do not exceed 10 Mb in size. Otherwise, just upload them to an online storage service and supply us with a link.

  5. How long shipping would take?

    We ship to all European countries using professional courier services. If you choose standard delivery you can expect it from two to five workdays after we sent it. However, for an additional price, you can select the express service and receive the package the following day.