Our offer on CD printing duplication, manufacturing and packaging

 We offer high quality Blu Ray, DVD, CD printing and duplication. It is water, scratch and smudge-proof, doesn?t need any finishing like varnish etc. We print only on grade A discs produced by Moser Baer (MBI) . These are OEM discs used by TDK and Verbatim. They are excellent for duplication, manufacturing and printing techniques. At Printmasta we print also on mini CDs and DVDs (8cm) and business card CDs.

Artwork can contain high resolution photographs and color mixes with lots of graduations and tints. We can also print on silkscreen with special colors like silver and golden. We can also mix printing techniques If needed. We can put on CDs and DVDS matt or glossy varnish If you like.There is simply no artwork we cannot print. You can send us an artwork by e-mail or drop it at our ftp site. If you got questions or need help regarding an artwork check our specifications/FAQ site or simply contact us. We will help and answer all your questions with pleasure.

We offer following printing techniques:

Digital UV printing- excellent quality, finished by UV rays, cost effective technique especially for short runs

Litho offset printing- the best quality, used for larger runs, printed in very high resolution

Silkscreen printing- used for artworks containing solid colours, up to 4 Pantone spot colours + white background, metallic and fluorescent colours available

After CDs or DVDs are printed we can quickly duplicate them with content supplied by client. We use top quality duplicators and duplicate discs at the lowest speeds so even old CD and DVD players should read them. You can drop master as ISO or NRG disc image at our ftp or send the master directly to our factory. In case of higher volumes we can also take care of replication ? a process of mass CD manufacturing.

At Printmasta we also specialise in packaging printing. We print them digitally which is cost effective for smaller volumes but we can print also larger quantities at great prices and outstanding quality. We make full colour printed digipacks (4 and 6 pages), cardboard wallets, digifiles, DVD size digipacks.

Apart from custom printed packaging we can pack your discs into standard jewel cases, slim cases, paper sleeves, PVC sleeves with and without glue and many more. We can produce booklets, inlays, inserts and backtrays. So you place an order and get professionally printed, duplicated and packed into top quality packaging cd or dvd discs, all in really great prices, delivered to any place in Europe.

Cassette tape duplication and production

We have started offering audio cassette tape duplication and production so with Printmasta you can come back to 20th century and your best memories. Feel the groove of 80s and 90s with custom printed and recorded analogue audio cassettes manufactured especially for you by Printmasta. Default length of cassette is 60 minutes (C-60) but we can cut and duplicate tape to leghth you wish. Apart from duplication of cassettes we offer custom full colour printing of cassette tapes. We print directly on tape shells which can come transparent or coloured (ask us about tape shells colours and styles available at this moment)

Cassette tapes
come in transparent boxes with full color printed cover (j-card), so you get profesionally printed and recorded cassette in clear case, with printed j-card, packed and shrinkwrapped, delivered to any place in EU. We can take care of cassette productionin any quantity, we manufacture even small runs like several pieces of cassettes.

So you place an order and get professionally printed, duplicated and packed into top quality packaging cd or dvd discs, all in really great prices, delivered to any place in Europe.

Check us! Send us an enquiry and we guarantee you will be satisfied!